You Can Beat Yo-Yo Dieting

Weight cycling is the cycle of repeated loss and gains in weight.

Anyone who repeatedly loses weight and gains it back again is “weight cycling”. These losses can be anywhere from large loss/gains of 50 lbs. or more to smaller loss/gains. Often when people diet they end up in “weight cycling” and when this happens it becomes “yo-yo dieting” and the more you go through this type of dieting, (gaining and losing cycles) the more you’ll be convinced that you can ever be free of this constant depressing motion.It really starts before your diet begins. Most people approach dieting with the wrong perspective. The mentality that a diet is something you “go on temporarily and then get off as soon as possible” is the wrong approach. If you want to experience lasting weight loss and not end up weight cycling/yo-yo dieting then you must approach it as a permanent lifestyle change.

Your mind is very powerful and the conditions you are feeding it in a momentary basis dictate what appears…so, if you have the mentality that you “can’t wait to get this over” and get back to your normal routine you may as well not bother losing the weight at all. If you go back to your present routine what can you expect your results do be? Weight gain. All those pounds you worked so diligently to take off will make a reappearance as you’ve “yo-yoed” your body weight.

The key is to be proactive during your diet

Take control, be aware and put yourself into situations that do not tempt you but serve to benefit your lifestyle change.

Keeping a journal has always been a great way to visually appreciate your efforts which in turn helps to keep you motivated. Along with your journal that documents your successes and challenges keep a calendar and schedule your work-outs ahead of time. As you accomplish each routine/goal, check it off. Just seeing all those “check” marks can inspire and motivate you to keep on “keeping on”.

As good as journals and calendars are the advent of the Internet has opened a world of possibilities for dieters and work-out routines. With social networking sites so popular, it’s easy to build an online support group that will hold you accountable.

These are people that you can turn to when you need their “back”. And with virtual tools like “” it’s easier than ever.  Allow others to hold you accountable and I guarantee your awareness about what you eat will be kicked up many notches.

This process can also work wonders for your work-out routine motivation that can yo-yo just as fast as weight. Use your support group when the initial excitement has worn off and you can’t seem to get inspired to get going or stay on track. They will quickly find you accountable.

And, don’t forget you can be that “support person” for others in the group when they are in need…a feeling that will also help to keep you motivated.

The most important thing is to always focus on the positive side of things. Rather than obsessing about each little morsel of food you put into your mouth, switch your focus and think about how eating the right kinds of foods lifts your energy level and makes you feel good.

If you are presently experiencing yo-yo dieting, I can help.  

“Rebound Free Weight Loss” was created for people just like you and my goal is to teach you how to put an end to the madness of yo-yo dieting.

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