Detoxify Your Body With Nutrient-Dense Foods


Know what’s lurking inside your fat cells?

Chemicals and heavy metals.

Studies have shown that most people have between 400-800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of our bodies. When our bodies exceed the limit that we can excrete, we begin storing these toxins and this accumulation of poison seriously compromises our health.

When excess body fat begins to accumulate, it usually means that toxins are accumulating too. When this fat is primarily around the mid-section, it is a good indication that the liver is not functioning as efficiently as it should.

Everything that crosses your lips must be used by your body or it must be neutralized and eliminated as a waste product otherwise it ends up stored in your body and parts of your body become a wasteland.

Body fat and water are our bodies way of protecting us from poisonous toxins by diluting them and storing them in water and fat. The majority of these toxins are fat soluble so the body will also make new fat cells to store them as far away from vital organs as possible.

In other words, if the body cannot eliminate them it keeps them buried in new fat cells and locks them away. The body in turn holds onto the fat to keep the toxins locked up safely.

If you are having particular trouble losing weight these culprits might be the answer as to why. They are stubborn and the body does not give them up easily. It can literally become impossible to keep body weight down without decreasing the total toxic load first.

The body relies on mitochondria to convert the food we eat into energy. The rate that this transformation takes place is called your metabolic rate which is the speed at which your body’s engine is running.

A single cell may contain anywhere from 200- 2,000 mitochondria or more. These little cellular furnaces await your signals and depending on the signals they get from you in the way of nutrition and exercise will either fire them up which results in cell and tissue growth and renewal or dampen them down like a fire that has run out of fuel.

Mitochondria are energy producing “powerhouses” in all cells. For example in the liver and muscle tissue they convert fat into energy.

Unfortunately just burning off body fat is not enough to stop the damaging effect of toxins in your body. They will continue to effect your metabolic rate even after you have lost weight if you do not also excrete the toxins.

Your liver plays a critical role in eliminating toxins and processing everything that goes into your body. If these substances are not eliminated they will build up, clog you up and drag you down seriously damaging your health.

To help your body detoxify, take simple steps like proper exercise that works the muscular system to condition and strengthen the entire body. Consume plenty of fresh whole foods and avoid processed foods, refined sugary foods and drink plenty of fresh water.

Make sure to take only supplements and nutritional aides that do not use chemicals, additives or preservatives. Stay clear of ingesting foods that contain toxins such as preservatives, pesticides (wash your fruit and vegetables thoroughly), antibiotics and heavy metals such as mercury that is increasingly found in some species of fish.

The body retains fats to protect vital organs from the toxins that we ingest and that are created through stress.

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