You Can Beat Inflammation

anti-inflammatoryThe starting point for many seriously debilitating diseases and ailments is inflammation.

Every one of us has experienced inflammation at some point in our lives from swollen joints to severe arthritis.

But, those are just the obvious signs we have inflammation going on. Inflammation can also hide its damage well. It plays a role in many brain diseases but because there are no pain receptors operating there, you are never aware that you are experiencing inflammation while you are experiencing it.

Because of that hidden danger alone, we need to take proactive steps in maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet by keeping our blood sugar levels in balance and in check and by incorporating as many healthy fats like avocados and olive oil into our daily diets as possible.

There are so many positives to following an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition. Your diet will  naturally be filled with healthy unrefined and unprocessed carbohydrates…no more dead calories.

You’ll enjoy colorful fruits, vegetables and healthy whole grains, all of which supply you with a range of important anti-oxidants.

Carbohydrates that are anti-oxidant rich are used to block “free radicals”…which would otherwise contribute to silent inflammation.

On the other end of the carbohydrate spectrum, carbs that are found in sugar laden foods contain harmful fats and are low in anti-oxidants.

Another important benefit you’ll receive from following an anti-inflammatory diet is you’ll consume a truck load of phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals are a relatively new area of health and nutrition that is being studied closely. So far over 900 different phytochemicals have been found in plant foods with more being discovered every year.

Not surprising, brightly colored fruits and veggies (all the yellow, orange, red, blue, green and purple you can get your hands on) off the most nutrients and phytochemicals.

Berries such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are great choices as are apples and red onions which also add the benefit of quercetin another strong anti-inflammatory agent.

Carotenoids is one of the best known groups of phytochemicals and the pigment that gives our fruits and veggies their beautiful bright colors.

Carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes offer the powerful phytochemical beta-carotene that is eventually converted into vitamin A by the body.

Here’s a few simple steps you can take to maintain a healthy anti-inflammatory lifestyle:

  • Incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet. It always seems to start with what we eat. And, why wouldn’t it? That’s the fuel that’s going into our bodies to direct the operation of the system. Dark red and blue berries, dark colored veggies (kale and spinach both great choices), whole grains (avoiding starchy and sugary foods that hijack your blood sugar levels), healthy oil/omega 3’s found in fish and nuts.
  • Weight Loss: If needed you need to address that extra belly fat you’re toting around that is producing inflammatory chemicals that wreak havoc elsewhere in your body. The no joke belly fat has to go if you wish to get into an anti-inflammatory state.
  • Exercise: You knew this one was coming. Humans are not meant to be stationary and our new modern stationary desk lives are taking a toll. If you can’t get anything else in…take a nice vigorous walk outdoors.
  • Dental hygiene: This is one that escapes many people. But, what they are ignoring is that everything in your body works as a system not independently. So, if you are not brushing and flossing and taking proper care and maintenance of your teeth and gums this trouble that starts there can easily travel elsewhere in your body.
  • Managing stress: Too much stress causes illness. Period. A little might give you a momentary boost in performance, but too much fuels your internal engine causing changes in inflammatory chemicals. Incorporate some sort of mind exercise into your daily routines…meditation, yoga or whatever suits you. Just do it.
  • Smoking: The chemicals from smoke cause massive inflammation. Smoking like belly fat has got to go and is one of the most impactful actions you can take to improve your health, lifestyle and mindset.

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