Leptin, Weight Gain and Inflammation

rebound weight1Leptin is a major player in the war against “rebound weight-gain.” You know…the weight that you worked so hard to take off that is creeping back on.

Studies prove that there is an important connection between the hormone leptin, weight gain and inflammation.

Because leptin regulates your body’s level of fat by controlling your appetite and metabolism, it’s obvious that the more fat tissue you add, the more leptin is produced by your body. For healthy people this process leads to leptin suppressing the appetite but speeding up the metabolism causing them to feel less hunger and burn more calories resulting in loss of excess fat, the way the process is supposed to work.

However, this process does not work properly in those with chronic inflammation because chronic inflammation impairs the brain’s ability to receive leptin’s message to shut down the appetite. [Read more…]

You Can Beat Inflammation

anti-inflammatoryThe starting point for many seriously debilitating diseases and ailments is inflammation.

Every one of us has experienced inflammation at some point in our lives from swollen joints to severe arthritis.

But, those are just the obvious signs we have inflammation going on. Inflammation can also hide its damage well. It plays a role in many brain diseases but because there are no pain receptors operating there, you are never aware that you are experiencing inflammation while you are experiencing it.

Because of that hidden danger alone, we need to take proactive steps in maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet by keeping our blood sugar levels in balance and in check and by incorporating as many healthy fats like avocados and olive oil into our daily diets as possible.

There are so many positives to following an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition. Your diet will  naturally be filled with healthy unrefined and unprocessed carbohydrates…no more dead calories.

You’ll enjoy colorful fruits, vegetables and healthy whole grains, all of which supply you with a range of important anti-oxidants. [Read more…]