Eating Clean; A New Way of Thinking about Food

reboundfreeweightlossEating clean is a new way of thinking about food that results in treating your body right. It is a simple but back to basics approach to nutrition…consuming food in its most natural state or as close to it as possible. This type approach also shifts your mindset from eating simply to satisfy cravings to eating to nourish.

This new concept is growing quickly in popularity because it is not a fad diet nor is it a gimmick. It is beyond these; it is a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation that leads to health, well-being and a slim, trim, lean body.

A clean diet is a simple diet; one rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and proteins. It limits the intake of sugars, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and unhealthy food preparation as well as avoiding or eliminating heavily processed foods and other “junk” food from your diet.

Foods have changed and lost so much of their nutritional value over the years as they have slowly transformed into a cocktail of sugars, salts, fats, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors so that their shelf life could be extended.

Well, that may seem all well and good to those making money from those “shelf items” that they have extended life but what about you? Your life is being shortened so that the food makers can extend the life of their products?

How much sense does that make? It does not make a lick of sense.

When natural foods are altered and over-processed, they are no longer considered “clean”. What happens when you choose clean foods over processed food?

Natural food choices can improve energy levels, stabilize blood sugars and make you feel “full” for longer. They assist you in boosting your metabolism, losing weight and reducing your risk for chronic disease.

Natural foods are broken down more slowly by the body (digested) which helps keep insulin level in check and body fat levels down.

You may not think twice when you choose water over that sugar chemical laden “pop” or sweetened juices but the rewards of choosing fresh water are great; you rehydrate, water remove toxins from your body and helps to keep your energy levels up. Not only that, but by choosing water, you have avoided more than 250 dead destructive sugar calories from entering your body.

For example, it takes only 16 minutes to prepare your own fresh baked sweet potato fries. Compare that to opening a package of frozen, commercially packaged fries; it prevents your from loading yoru body with refined carbohydrates and harmful chemicals.

When you pop your own popcorn with an air popper as opposed to nuking and eating a package of high sodium, color-laced and mystery-fat microwave popcorn you nourish your body with more fibre, vitamins and healthy complex carbohydrates.

All that is required in order to make smarter, clean eating food choices is a little planning ahead. If you have healthy foods on hand that are as easy to reach for as those processed foods sitting on your pantry shelf it will be much easier for both you and your family to start making better choices.

Eating clean helps to restore and heal our bodies and is much more satisfying. When you are satisfied with good food more often, you have fewer cravings for sugars, fats, and sodium-rich packaged foods.

When you eat, ask yourself “What did this food look like in its natural state?” Eating food that is recognizable is a good way to start.

Clean eating requires creative thinking for people who are accustomed to a less-than-healthy diet. When you eat this way you eat more often, eating 5 or 6 meals per day every 2-3 hours. Your diet will include lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats to keep your blood-sugar levels stable and keep you feeling satisfied.

There is one rule you could use to sum clean eating up. This is the one that rules them all, if you understand this principle all the others pretty much fall into place. Man-made foods and ingredients should be eaten only occasionally if you wish to lose weight and get healthier. A simple rule of thumb is “if man made it, don’t eat it.”

Does this mean you are destined to eat nuts and berries the rest of your life?

No. The key is to use this principle to make better choices between foods. You will feel better when you ditch processed foods, your energy levels increase and you have more clarity and focus to do the things you love to do.

Most people lack the proper mindset and the right knowledge to lose weight and sustain their weight loss long term. Wouldn’t you like to slim down for good just once, look better and feel better too? I can help…”Rebound Free Weight Loss” is like having a life coach, dietitian and personal trainer at your beck and call. You don’t have to do this alone…you just need to take the first step.

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