The Wonders of Veggie Juicing

veggie juiceAnyone who has been diagnosed with a serious disease has been advised to start a juicing program.

Juicing can be done successfully with fruits and vegetables but there is something that vegetables can offer more of than fruits…chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is something most people associate as the “green substance” in plants. It’s true, it is the “green substance” but so much more.

Chlorophyll is a green photosynthetic pigment found in the leaves of plants (that includes all veggies). Its job is to absorb sunlight and change it chemically into energy for the plant.

Sunshine in chlorophyll is wonderfully cleansing to the body. The darker green the leaves are the more concentrated amount of chlorophyll within. It’s obvious to see why your body thrives on the nutrients from green veggies.

Additionally, vegetables unless they are overcooked (which is never good) require some serious chewing and it would simply be a challenge to eat them all in one day. Cooking is not the answer…over cooking destroys micro nutrients that your body needs by changing their shape and chemical composition.

Juicing on the other hand, fills this gap and allows you to take in more nutrients than you would if left to chewing alone.

For example you would be hard pressed to consume a whole medium cucumber in every day or three heads of celery in one week but with juicing it’s easy to do.

Many vegetables do not appeal to people in their whole stage but once juiced take on a new life and flavor.

Furthermore, when you consume your vegetables by eating them, your body works to separate the fiber which contains no nutrients at all from the juice that contains all the nutrients. This process is time consuming and for those who don’t chew well food or if the digestive system isn’t working efficiently then you won’t be getting all the nutrients from the vegetable you’re eating.

The solution is to juice your vegetables and allow the juicer to do the work for you. In goes the whole veggie out comes the fiber on one side and on the other the liquid gold…the juice flows. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Institute estimates that it only takes 20 minutes for nutrients from juice to be absorbed into your body.

Don’t be duped by the so called “vitamin waters” that are showing up on grocery shelves. These are filled with sugar, flavoring and synthetic vitamins…yuk! Veggie juices are the real deal…vitamin filled water that contains real minerals, vitamins and more…all naturally.

In review:

  • Juicing helps to soak up all the nutrients from the veggies.
  • Juicing helps you to consume an optimum amount of veggies in an efficient fashion. Consuming the required amount of veggies per day can be difficult for many people but juicing easily achieves it.
  • Juicing allows for a greater variety of veggies in your diet. You’ll find yourself consuming veggies that you normally do not like to eat but enjoy juiced.

Bottom line is green juices are the perfect medium to getting all the daily nutrients your body requires for optimal health. Veggie juicing remineralizes and hydrates your body and keeps it nourished making you feel on top of your game.

It’s important to note that veggie juice has very little protein and nearly no fat so by itself it is not truly a complete food. It needs to be utilized in addition to your regular meals not in place of them.

Health is now about prevention not about cures. Many young people are embracing much healthier concepts about diet, health and well-being. They understand that in order to experience health and vitality in later years they must balance and energize their body now in order to live a long productive life.

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