Inflammation the Silent Health Thief

inflammation1Losing weight is never picnic. I mean who do you know that says “I love to diet” ?

We all are aware that having lots of excess body fat is not a good thing for our health…but how many people understand that this fat actually produces a chronic stat of low-grade inflammation, making losing weight harder than ever. Losing weight is easier when inflammation is reduced.

This state of inflammation ends up fighting our natural hormonal responses to hunger and food. This damages our delicate appetite regulation hormones and they no longer work properly. The result of this is intensively strong food cravings which are near impossible to ignore.

When our appetite hormones are not functioning properly, we are not aware when we are full and satisfied so we tend to over eat. And, we all know what the results of that are.

A diet heavy in refined and processed foods can cause serious inflammation. Chemicals and food additives are culprits because many people are sensitive to these but are not even aware of it. This sensitivity can go undetected for years because most often it is not enough to cause debilitating obvious symptoms so our attention is not focused there. But silently, undetected it is a ticking time bomb quieting undermining your health by causing inflammation to your body’s tissues and cells.

Toxins circulating in your bloodstream are dangerous for your body, so your body works to get rid of them using your fat cells as storage. They are the first place your body turns when it needs to dump toxins. This starts a vicious cycle of inflammation.

Fat cells exist in one of three states:

  • Small immature cells
  • Normal medium cells
  • Large inflamed cells

Cells become large and inflamed cells when exposed to toxic stressors by the food we eat, our environment and our emotions.

When cells are inflamed, they cannot release their fatty acids back into the bloodstream so it can be burned up for energy. This is the primary reasons that systemic inflammation is linked to excess body fat. The only way to fix this and restart your fat loss is to cleanse your body of its toxic load.

The more toxic your body is, the more large inflamed fat cells you have and the more likely you will be holding onto your fat stores.

Not only will these toxins cause you to hold onto stored fat, but it can have you storing new fat more easily.

Once you work at reducing your total “toxic load”, your skin, liver, lungs and other organs of detoxification will be better able to handle toxin released from your fat cells. This in turn kick starts new much easier, effortless fat loss that leads to better overall health.

Introducing whole foods in the right combination at the right time to cleanse your body’s filters helps it rid itself naturally of toxins and gets everything working properly again.

This is why it is imperative that you concentrate on lifestyle changes and getting healthy before you attempt to lose weight permanently.

Bottom line is even a low grade state of inflammation could be unknowingly affecting your weight loss goals as well as your overall health and wellbeing. The truth is that it may have nothing at all to do with how much you are actually eating but WHAT you are eating.

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