Proper Nutrition and Body Weight Rebound

diet planWe’ve already discussed the two ┬ámost significant reasons why you see a body weight rebound after using so many diet plans in “Dealing With Metabolic Slow Down When Dieting”.

There is one more issue that can be a reason for metabolic concern and body weight rebound; malnutrition.

If you are not eating enough of the right types of foods you risk becoming deficient in a number of key vitamins and minerals and that causes changes in your metabolism and it isn’t going to operate as well as it should.

Most diets out there do cause you to become short in B vitamins and iron as well as calcium because you are so limited in your food choices. Many others have very low carbohydrate approaches as well which can cause your body to struggle when you re-introduce them into your diet.

Your energy level will drops, your will feel sluggish and most likely you won’t be able to think clearly. As your energy levels tank, you are not as active as you should be throughout your day and that means your total daily calorie expenditure will go down.

Remember, your diet does not just provide carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fat. Your diet also provides the proper levels of B vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium. All these play an important role in your body’s operations and many play a role in regulating your metabolism to some extent. If you are not getting the proper amounts of nutrients you are setting yourself up for some severe consequences.

For those of you who have chosen a severely restricted carbohydrate diet, you can be sure that after you introduce those carbohydrates back into your diet you will most likely gain 10 pounds of extra water weight. Although this type of weight gain is not permanent, it’s just as devastating to your mind and motivations.

It is vital to choose the proper diet. If you make poor diet choices, problems will be built into them from day 1.

Imagine losing 10 pounds of muscle when you’ve lost overall 15 pounds only to regain those 15 pounds right back only now you’ve exchanged muscle mass for body fat. You’re back to square one only looking worse than when you started.

You can suffer from malnutrition if your body is lacking in one vitamin. For example, a lack of vitamin C causes the condition scurvy. You can also cause severe permanent damage to your body when you lack many vitamins and minerals. Deficiencies lead to a variety of health problems such as digestion, skin problems, defective or stunted bone growth and dementia.

If you’re among the millions of people that are planning on going on a diet this year it’s important to take time to choose the right diet. Choosing the right diet from the get-go is the answer to side-stepping serious problems in the future. Choosing an inadequate, poor and unbalanced diet is not the answer to your permanent fat loss.

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