Yummy Cherry Almond Cookies

cherry cookiesIt doesn’t matter what season it is or whether we’re celebrating a specific holiday or entertaining friends, dessert usually ends up the star of the show.

After all, for most, it will be the last part of the meal and the last thing you or your guests enjoy before the evening is over so it’s not surprising that it sticks in their minds.

Every day we hear more and more about the negative effects of gluten or white flour or sugar…and now we learn that “cooking” at high temperatures destroys many of the nutrients we paid good money for and what we’re really consuming is a sad representation of the healthy nutrients that used to be there.

So, how do we keep dessert as the star of the show when there is so much negativity about ingredients that are normally associated with desserts? How do we shift from eating foods with white sugar, white flour, dead calories and few nutrients…foods that we have been offered our whole lives and conditioned on our whole lives? [Read more…]