Avoid “Skinny Fat Syndrome”

fad dietsOne of the biggest problems associated with crash diets is the issue with “skinny fat syndrome”.

Skinny fat syndrome occurs when someone is relatively thin overall but the go this way by burning up  lean muscle mass rather than losing body fat. In other words, they have dieted away their lean muscle tissue and have kept fat mass right in place.

For example:

An individual stands at 150 pounds with 45 pounds of body fat. This would mean that they are 30% fat total.

They decide to diet and lose 30 pounds and want to lose weight as fast as humanly possible so they begin cutting calories across the board never paying attention to nutrition.

In the end they lose 30 pounds, however in the process, they’ve actually lost 5 pounds of body fat and 25 pounds of muscle mass. Not exactly the perfect weight loss results, but they’ve lost those 30 pounds and they’re feeling pretty proud of their new lower number on the scale. [Read more…]