Reaching Your Diet Goal is Only the Beginning

fitness1It may be hard to believe, but losing weight is the easy part of your journey to your ideal body weight and form.

Unfortunately most people do not consider how they are going to handle their new life after they actually lose their excess weight. In other words, how in the heck do you keep that hard-earned weight-loss off your body once you have reached your goal?

Without knowing that ahead of time you are entering into an unfinished plan and dangerous waters. [Read more…]

Starvation Diets are Out Healthy Lifestyles Are In

starvation dietStarvation diets are not your friends. They do not provide the proper amount of calories your body needs to function at peak performance and your body reacts to the situation by drawing on its reserves to provide the energy needed. This puts added stress on your body and is not the answer to permanent weight loss.

Let’s examine what happens when you adhere to a low-calorie diet when trying to achieve your permanent weight loss goals. [Read more…]