Luscious Health Promoting Lemon Water

Lemonwater2Drinking lemon water is good for you. And, far from being a myth, not only is it good for you, but it can actually help you to speed up weight loss with its real weight-loss powers and it helps to clear out some of the toxins in your body.

The perfect time to enjoy lemon water is in the morning because it helps to activate your body’s detoxifying process are end also its natural cleansing process.

Drinking lemon water helps with weight loss for a couple of reasons.

First let’s check out the lemon itself. Lemons have strong antibacterial, antiviral and immune-boosting powers. These yellow gems contain citric acid, calcium, magnesium, pectin, vitamin C, bioflavonoids and limonene…all of which help fight infections and promote immunity.

Lemon juice itself is made up of natural ingredients, (those without any additives, preservatives or processed elements) are always the healthiest things you can provide for the human body. Lemon water does not add any calories to your daily intake no matter how many times you enjoy throughout the day. The more juices, sodas and other unhealthy drinks you can replace with lemon water is calories saved.

Another benefit you’ll receive from drinking lemon water is that it helps you to lose weight because of the pectin fiber’s presence in fruit. This fiber helps to reduce your hunger.

Lemon water also increases your rater of urination helping to flush out unwanted materials and it works to clean out your bowels with greater frequency when you drink it consistently. For the most part, our colons are not properly cleansed and there is always lingering waste material that builds up. This condition contributes to raising our risk for deadly diseases like colon cancer over time.

Not only does this left-over waste raise our risk of disease, it also adds excess weight to your body. When you use lemon water regularly, you’re doing a better job of cleaning your system and you end up losing weight just from the removal of lingering waste.

Another important benefit you’ll receive when enjoying lemon water consistently is that it helps out your digestive system and reduces the chances of getting diarrhea or constipation because it promotes healthy fluid bowel functions.

Lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods we can treat our bodies to.

Yes, they are acidic in their fruit state but once they get inside our bodies they are alkaline. It’s ultimately important to keep our bodies in an alkaline state because disease occurs when the body’s pH is acidic.

Many people now enjoy a glass of fresh warm lemon water in the morning to kick start the digestive processes for the day.

Of course if you can fit it into your budget it’s best to use organic lemons, not prepackaged lemon juice and opt for room temperature or warm water.

After rising in the morning, squeeze ½ of your lemon into a warm glass of water and enjoy it before eating or working out.

And, as an extra boost, the vitamin C component and other antioxidants offered when drinking lemon juice help to decrease blemishes and wrinkles and combat free radical damage.

Just the smell of lemon juice helps to brighten anyone’s mood as well as rescue anxiety and depression.

What’s not to like? Lemon water if it is not already in your daily routine it needs to make an entrance. The truth is, the choices you make daily regarding your routines either help build your resistance to disease or tear it down.

It’s always your choice.

The reality in the weight loss war is this: you’ve got to be healthy first if you expect to take excess weight off and keep it off permanently.

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