The Art of Assessing Your Self-Talk

rebound free1Most people have no idea what kind of impact the “self-statements” they make to themselves continually all day long have on them.

What statements are you telling yourself? If you are dieting are you aware of how are these statements impact how you feel about the progress you are making?

Have you ever noticed that the “voice in your head” has a lot of self-judgments? You know this voice, it’s the voice you give great authority to…the one that is always giving advice (only the advice is fear based), and telling us what we should and should not do.

If you’ve never stopped for a moment to think about how you actually “treat yourself”…what your opinion of your “self” is then you need to take one day where your focus is solely on what you are saying to yourself on a daily basis.

Like the rest of us, you’ll likely find that you are not treating yourself very kind. And, that’s where the real issues lay…whether they be weight and diet issues or any other personal problem you may be compounding for yourself by your constant “self-talk”.

You must become aware of what it is that’s going on in your head so that you can shift your beliefs. When you catch yourself berating yourself in any manner, or putting yourself down, try and replace these thoughts and judgments with positive ones instead.

Most people’s minds are constantly in comparing, judging or description mode and they are not even aware of it. Aware being the keyword. You must become aware of the activities and beliefs that the “voice” in your head is directing you from.

If you feel as though your mindset is not where it needs to be, it’s more than worthwhile, in fact, its mandatory that you take some time to get your thoughts properly in place so that they are working with and for you rather than against you and the only way to do this is to take conscious awareness of what you are thinking on a momentary basis…because it’s all about you.

Problems arise because many rules that the mind “plays” by were based on faulty assumptions. Every day we are bombarded with over 50,000 messages each one prompting us to think or act I a certain way. Once we understand this we can defy any faulty logic based in fear.

Before you can safely “tame” this constant talking voice in your head, you must understand that it means no harm. It simply operates from the standpoint of “fear” and in most cases believes it is protecting you.

The best way to handle this “voice” is to gently recognize it and express that you no longer operate from fear based thoughts, thank it for a job well-done and allow all these distorted “thought” files to dissipate as you embrace new thoughts based from love, acceptance and compassion.

Starting a diet off with a warped mindset of yourself is a sure-fire strategy to fail in reaching your goals right from the get-go.

Bottom line is your beliefs can help you or hinder you. Choose what you listen to very carefully. There’s a good chance that it’s not what you eat but your “self-beliefs”…your own “self-talk” that makes you fat or healthy.

Shifting your mind, shifts your life…not the other way around. Otherwise you are fighting a losing battle. It’s time to examine your beliefs and embrace those that serve you and ditch those that don’t.

When you are in complete, optimistic control of your mind and body your transition to a healthier, happier lifestyle has begun.

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