Gaining All Your Weight Back? How often do you “bend the rules?”

eat thisIf you struggle to take weight off and keep it off the problem may be as simple as listening to yourself and paying attention to your “excuses.”

These excuses either stop you from “doing the right thing” when it comes to what you are eating or the amount of exercise you are getting or your excuse may surface in the form of “bending the rules.”

For example how often when you are trying to diet do you say to yourself “oh it’s just one bite…it can’t hurt that much.” Truth is, for every 100 extra calories you consume on a daily basis, you gain 10 lbs. a year. So, that innocent “little bite” adds up and in the end is not so “innocent” after all.

Another excuse that allows people to “skirt by” the dieting issue when eating is “It’s made with fruit.”

Unfortunately most things made with “fresh fruit” are no longer fresh. This label is plastered on many juices, fruit snacks and cereals.

They are simply trying to convince you that their product is healthy but if it’s processed you can be sure it is anything but healthy. Always opt for the real thing when you can…real fresh fruit that is not only good for you, but unlike processed foods it provides important fiber that improves and helps with your digestion, they regulate blood sugar levels and they keep your hydrated.

Always check your ingredient list for dangerous additives like high fructose corn syrup, saturated oils and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. If you see any of these listed on the label, it is only junk food in disguise.

For work out enthusiasts, it is smart that they want to refuel and simulate muscle repair with a snack made of carbs and protein, however what happens many times and another excuse often used by those who work out is that they feel they have “earned” some carbs by killing 300 calories on the treadmill. Trouble with that line of thinking is that they simply undo all the hard work they just accomplished in their workouts by eating a 600 calories snack. You have to remember to factor in all calories that you’ve taken in through the day…and this includes the ones you eat between or after your work outs.

Yes, you have earned a snack…just watch the calories and make it a healthy one like some fresh Greek style yogurt.

Sometimes we bend the rules by eating a high calories snack and convincing ourselves that we can make up for it by skipping dinner. But all this causes is for your body to “get over-hungry” and when your body gets over hungry things get dangerous. A study done in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that people who skipped meals were much more likely to eat high calorie foods like carbs over healthier choices like vegetables. Better to eat smaller meals more often but don’t skip them altogether.

And, last but not least in our list of “bending the rules” is to believe that once you’ve consumed extra calories for the day…beyond what you normally would you simply give up the fight believing that you’ve ruined things. This kind of attitude…of feeling guilty and badly causes many people to indulge more.

Accept the fact that you are not a machine…you are human and you will have days when you “blow” your diet for one reason or another.

However, the worst thing you can do at that point is go off on yourself. Simply recognize that you did in fact go over your normal dieting limit for the day, pick yourself up and get back in line with your dieting goals.

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