Gaining All Your Weight Back? How often do you “bend the rules?”

eat thisIf you struggle to take weight off and keep it off the problem may be as simple as listening to yourself and paying attention to your “excuses.”

These excuses either stop you from “doing the right thing” when it comes to what you are eating or the amount of exercise you are getting or your excuse may surface in the form of “bending the rules.”

For example how often when you are trying to diet do you say to yourself “oh it’s just one bite…it can’t hurt that much.” Truth is, for every 100 extra calories you consume on a daily basis, you gain 10 lbs. a year. So, that innocent “little bite” adds up and in the end is not so “innocent” after all.

Another excuse that allows people to “skirt by” the dieting issue when eating is “It’s made with fruit.”

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