Control Hunger and Curb Your Appetite Following the 40-30-30 Formula

zone dietThere is a metabolic state in which the human body operates most efficiently and can only be achieved by eating the correct proportion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in every meal.

The 40-30-30 eating plan is a popular way of eating that favors a ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. This kind of ration/diet works to stabilize blood sugar and helps control hunger.

It works to curb food cravings and promotes weight loss yet supplies enough energy so that an effective exercise program may be undertaken.

The goal of the 40-30-30 diet plan is to achieve proper balance between two primary metabolic hormones; insulin and glucagon. Insulin is the hormones that encourages the body to store excess calories as fat and glucagon is responsible for seeing that fat is burned off.

Hormonal balance is the key to health maintenance and restoration. Since food elicits hormonal responses that are either beneficial or detrimental, it is advisable to cultivate the habit of conscientious eating.

This type of eating is balanced. It does not require you to cut carbs, grains, dairy or meat like some of the past diet crazes. This “lifestyle shift”, this is no stranger to athletes either, in fact, it is the favored formula for athletes. This 40-30-30 formula that balanced hormones is favored by not only athletes, but by those wanting to lose weight and  people experiencing illness.

The next time you eat a meal, shift your perception from one of eating for pleasure or just as a means to appease hunger to one of “food is my medicine and my ticket to ultimate body balance, weight loss, strength, great health and awesome immune protection.”

Bottom line is we need to be aware of the effect our food choices will have not only on our overall healthy but also on our physical performance and our mental and emotional states.

If you look at the base calories of 1800 for women and 2400 for men and add in:

Sedentary lifestyle: add 20% = 2160 calories

Lightly active: add 30% = 2340 calories

Moderately active: add 40% (assuming you are exercising most days of the week) = 2520 calories

Very active: 50% (exercising on a daily basis for prolonged periods of time) = 2700 calories

Extra active or hard labor: add 60% = 2880 calories

These numbers are what you need to do to retain your present weight. If you are looking to lose weight, you need to take in 100-200 fewer calories than the number listed above.

If you don’t begin losing weight after two to three weeks, drop another 100 calories.

This is a great formula for your body as it will have a wider range of food to grab its essential nutrients from than diets that eliminate food groups. You will also enjoy plenty of energy to support a proper exercise program so you can put some effort into it to make the changes you need to your metabolism so you can eventually have a strong, lean, fit healthy body.

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