Exercise, Diet and Sleep are Equally Important

sleep1Sleep is your secret weapon when it comes to seeing the fastest rate of fat loss possible. Unfortunately with the lifestyles most lead in today’s busy world, sleep is most likely the last thing on your mind. It’s that long to-do list that keeps your attention.

Experiencing one night without good rest is tough enough but turn it into multiple nights in a row and your body and mind will be feeling it.

So, why is sleep so important if we want to continue to see fat loss? [Read more…]

Understanding Your Basil and Thermic Metabolic Rates

basil metabolic rateEveryone is aware of the fact that calorie intake is a key component in the weight loss war, but how do you pinpoint how many calories you should eat daily?

There are 3 different components that need to be examined:

Your BMR, Basil Metabolic Rate

Your TEF, Thermic Metabolic Rate

Your Activity Level

Let’s begin with your BMR. Your basal metabolic rate refers to how many calories your body needs to consume each and every day just to stay alive; to keep your brain functioning, your heart beating and your lungs taking in oxygen in order to keep you alive. [Read more…]

Proper Nutrition and Body Weight Rebound

diet planWe’ve already discussed the two  most significant reasons why you see a body weight rebound after using so many diet plans in “Dealing With Metabolic Slow Down When Dieting”.

There is one more issue that can be a reason for metabolic concern and body weight rebound; malnutrition.

If you are not eating enough of the right types of foods you risk becoming deficient in a number of key vitamins and minerals and that causes changes in your metabolism and it isn’t going to operate as well as it should.

Most diets out there do cause you to become short in B vitamins and iron as well as calcium because you are so limited in your food choices. Many others have very low carbohydrate approaches as well which can cause your body to struggle when you re-introduce them into your diet.

[Read more…]

Dealing With Metabolic Slow-down When Dieting

body weight1It doesn’t matter what diet plan you’ve chosen to tackle your weight problem, any diet plan if it’s a properly set up plan or a poorly set up one, you are going to face some metabolic slow down.

This slow-down is natural and normal because the body is sensing that it’s not getting as much energy as it needs to meet its daily requirements so it begins to slow down certain processes. The extent of this slow-down is in direct relation to how severe your diet plan is. Those with lower calorie intakes will suffer a greater slow-down. [Read more…]

Resistance Training the Key to Permanent Fat Loss

strength trainingStrength Training for permanent fat loss.

There is no other form of exercise that is as beneficial as strength training when it comes to fat loss.

“Fat” loss and strength training belong in the same sentence. You might even say you can’t have one without the other they are so intimately entwined. It is the most critical form of exercise in your fat loss plans. [Read more…]