Muscles, Energy and Metabolism

thermicHere are some basic key tips to understand when talking about muscles, energy and metabolism.

What you need to know:

Muscles use energy when they contract (they are highly metabolic so the more toned muscle tissue you have the more calories you burn).

The more intense muscle contractions become the more energy they will use to perform the movement.

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Understanding Your Basil and Thermic Metabolic Rates

basil metabolic rateEveryone is aware of the fact that calorie intake is a key component in the weight loss war, but how do you pinpoint how many calories you should eat daily?

There are 3 different components that need to be examined:

Your BMR, Basil Metabolic Rate

Your TEF, Thermic Metabolic Rate

Your Activity Level

Let’s begin with your BMR. Your basal metabolic rate refers to how many calories your body needs to consume each and every day just to stay alive; to keep your brain functioning, your heart beating and your lungs taking in oxygen in order to keep you alive. [Read more…]