Cardio verses Resistance Training

11032983_792258797532103_1410477182_nNumerous studies have shown that exercising too intensely…including cardio exercise causes negative effects on health while moderate-intensity cardio exercise actually boosts health and fitness.

The body perceives endurance exercise as a form of stress on the body and responds to this stress by increasing cortisol. Cortisol is the “flight or fight” hormone that results as a normal adaptive response to the physical demands of exercise. Chronic elevation of this hormone is associated with signs of aging such as loss of lean muscle, belly fat, inflammation and reduced immunity.

Cardio has long been associated with weight loss…however, the effects are deceptive. When you are on a calorie restrictive diet and you are performing extreme endurance exercise, your body turns to muscle as an energy source and the result is a depletion of your valuable muscle tissue. Not only that, but intense cardio will increase your appetite making your diet all the more challenging.

When you lose muscle mass, your metabolic rate goes into decline and you experience a relative increase in body fat (a common occurrence in older adults). Sarcopenia, the age related condition of muscle loss is the result of not engaging in some form of resistance exercise.

Loss of muscle mass results in the quality of your life diminishing as everyday tasks that were once easy are now much more challenging. The more muscle mass you have behind you in every move you make, the easier it is and there’s nothing like being able to perform everyday tasks pain-free.

Loss of muscle mass, increased belly fat, inflammation and heart issues, oxidative stress are all signs of aging and a consequence of excessive cardio exercise. On the other hand, moderate cardio can actually slow the aging process by conditioning your body to adapt to stress.

Bottom line is this, there is a very fine line when it comes to fitness where less is more. If you cross over this line and start doing too much exercise, the only thing you’re going to do is harm yourself.

There has been way too much focus on cardio exercise and not enough has been placed on strength training exercise. It is resistance training/strength training that shapes the body into the slim firm bodies we are all after not cardio.

Fitness encompasses three key components:


Body Strength


If just one of the three is missing your fitness routine is not doing its maximum job.

Don’t give up your cardio…learn to take advantage of the fitness benefits it offers while practicing moderation to avoid any health risks caused by excessive cardio and begin incorporating some form of resistance training/strength training to balance out the scales and build your muscle mass…one of the best things you can do for your body.

Progressive resistance training offers more benefits for over-all health than any other exercise program can. It provides protection against disease while promoting anti-aging. It helps you to maintain strength levels and it boosts energy. Strengthening exercises help prevent muscle weakening, osteoporosis and frailty by stimulating the growth of muscle and bone.

Strength training exercises (assuming you are taught the correct form from the start) are proven safe and effective and can be done by men or women of any age.

Truth is, both cardio and resistance training should be a part of you weekly exercise routines.

Remember, cardio without strength training causes muscle tissue loss and the result is a lowered metabolism and increased fat. It is muscle that burns fat so if your goal is to lose fat, you need strength training that builds strong active muscles and these active muscles in return gobble fat from all parts of your body leaving you shapely, firm, and lean.

If you are ready to take excess weight off forever and keep it off and achieve the kind of health and fitness you dream abut then you must get both your mind and your body aligned and in sync…they need to be working together. “Rebound Free Weight Loss” can help you win the weight loss battle once and for all…but only if you take action!

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