Compound Exercises are Key

pushups4When putting together an exercise program the primary focus should be on compound movements.

Compound movements or exercises are those that involve using more than one major muscle group at once (and often across one or more joints in the process). The larger muscle group does the bulk of the work while the smaller muscle groups are supportive and secondary. [Read more…]

Cardio verses Resistance Training

11032983_792258797532103_1410477182_nNumerous studies have shown that exercising too intensely…including cardio exercise causes negative effects on health while moderate-intensity cardio exercise actually boosts health and fitness.

The body perceives endurance exercise as a form of stress on the body and responds to this stress by increasing cortisol. Cortisol is the “flight or fight” hormone that results as a normal adaptive response to the physical demands of exercise. Chronic elevation of this hormone is associated with signs of aging such as loss of lean muscle, belly fat, inflammation and reduced immunity.

Cardio has long been associated with weight loss…however, the effects are deceptive. When you are on a calorie restrictive diet and you are performing extreme endurance exercise, your body turns to muscle as an energy source and the result is a depletion of your valuable muscle tissue. Not only that, but intense cardio will increase your appetite making your diet all the more challenging. [Read more…]

Creating a Short On Time Workout Session that Works

carolynhansensitness.comLet’s face it, most of us are finding it harder and harder to squeeze everything into our demanding modern day schedules.

That includes our exercise routine. There will always be those times when life just gets incredibly busy and you can’t get your workouts in. During these times, it’s helpful to have a back-up plan in place; a workout that you can turn to that’s incredibly fast paced but yet will still work the body efficiently and effectively.

As long as you are structuring things correctly, it is definitely possible to get a complete awesome workout in just 10 minutes time. [Read more…]