Maintaining Acid-Alkaline Balance

alkaline1One of the biggest benefits of eating foods in their raw state is they provide us important alkaline foods, foods we can enjoy in abundance.

A typical Western diet is high in carbohydrates, sugar and fat while low in complex carbohydrates all of which promote an overly acidic body chemistry. Other products such as alcohol, coffee, tobacco, chemicals additives and drugs of all kinds compound this acidic problem.

Acidic foods can potentially cause damage to your liver or kidneys and can even increase the risk of getting diabetes.

Our blood pH measures how acidic or alkaline blood is. We need to maintain a blood pH level between 7.35 and 7.45 which is slightly more alkaline than pure distilled water which reads at between 7.35 and 7.45.

Nutritionists and scientists agree that our diets should ideally be made up of 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods. So, how do we get our bodies to the proper pH balance?

The answer of course is to eliminate some of the acid producing foods from our diets while increasing alkaline forming foods.

This does not mean eliminating all acidic foods. We just need to shift our typically acidic diets over to more alkaline diets. In other words, we need to start making wise purchasing and eating choices so that only the best alkaline-forming foods are front and center on our plates.

These can include fruits and veggies (in their natural, no sweetener added or dried state) beans, lentils as well as tofu and soy products.

Other raw foods that can easily be added to your diet consist of raw nuts, seeds, vegetables and sprouted grains. These foods are not processed, heated, cooked or altered in any way. They are whole foods in their natural living state.

The expansion of raw foods in your diet is critical to your long term overall health and lifespan. They help support organ health and trim body mass as well as contributing to balancing your pH.

Diets that contains excessive amounts of sugar and carbohydrates throw off your pH balance and increase the body’s acid levels.

If you are experiencing chronic skin problems, poor digestion, receding gums, heartburn or joint pain it might be a good idea to check your pH levels.

One of the first things your body does when it needs to rid itself of excess acids so they cannot damage your body is to hide them in…you guessed it…your fat cells. All those food preservatives, food coloring and synthetic food additives…all those food poisons were not meant to be digested by your body. These chemical substances have to be put somewhere and for most that means hiding them in fat cells.

Bottom line is this: maintaining proper pH balance is important to overall health, effective weight/fat loss and high energy and vitality.

If you wish to live a long productive life…adding on an extra ten or twenty years then you need to be paying attention to what you are putting in your body now. It really is that simple.

Snacks are probably one of the worst culprits when it comes to being highly acidic. There are so many prepackaged snacks that make it easy to snack but do absolutely nothing for our health and in fact damage our fragile pH balance.

“100 Health Raw Snacks and Treats” solves the snacking problem forever! These mouthwatering treats and snacks have no added chemicals or sugar, are easy to make and delicious! You won’t feel guilty when snacking on these and because they are made with fresh raw ingredients, they don’t upset your fragile pH balance.

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