Yummy High-Protein Baked Sweet Potatoes…

sweet potatoCreamy High-Protein Baked Sweet Potatoes

If you love your baked potatoes but you’d like to get more nutrition than what your typical “white” baked potato offers than you need to try baked sweet potatoes.

Not surprisingly, sweet potatoes top nearly everyone’s list for healthiest foods. Offering a whopping 438% of our needed daily vitamin A, 37% of our daily vitamin C, vitamin B6, 4 grams of dietary fiber, along with calcium, iron and potassium this colorful spud tips the scales at just 105 calories for one baked medium sized sweet potato and it has absolutely no fat to speak of. [Read more…]

The Amazing Colorful Sweet Potato

sweet potatoesSweet potato…it’s what’s good for you.

This oddly shaped tuber is gaining in popularity and is no longer just invited once a year for Thanksgiving.

Grown throughout the tropics, sweet potatoes are often confused with yams…another starchy root vegetable but they are not even in the same family. Yams are larger in size than sweet potatoes and have been known to grow up to 120 pounds in weight. The easiest way to distinguish a yam from a sweet potato is by checking the skin (you can’t always trust what the grocery store sign indicates). Sweet potatoes are smaller with a very thin peel whereas larger yams have thicker, rougher, dark brown to pink skin. [Read more…]