Mitochondria the Power Station of the Cell

mitochondria the little beanInside each cell is a structure known as mitochondria which means “little bean”. It is appropriately named because that is exactly what they look like, tiny bean shaped energy factories inside every one of the body’s cells converting the food we eat into energy. When the food we consume is combined with oxygen this fuel mixture is used to run every system and process in our body.

Since fat is part of the food that they convert, our mitochondria need tip-top “fitness” working fast and efficiently if we are going to burn off excess body fat A single cell may have anywhere from 200-2000 or more mitochondria.

The hardest working cells such as those in the heart, liver or muscles contain the greatest number. Without these little powerhouses doing their job, you would not be able to breathe much less walk out your front door.

Simply put they are responsible for keeping you alive…a pretty important job! [Read more…]