Strength Training is Key to Shifting Body Weight and Shaping Your Body

woman strength trainingIf you are looking for ways to change your body, shift around and lose some of the excess weight you’ve been toting around then strength training is your key.

Hours and hours of cardio on end do very little to actually change your body. You may become slightly smaller if you are burning enough calories, but you’ll just be a smaller version of yourself.

In many cases, you might even find that you become not only smaller, but a softer, flabbier version of yourself. Not really much improvement.

Excessive cardio training does a great job of burning up lean muscle mass. Think of it this way, if you are training your body to exercise for long periods of time, it knows in order to do this effectively it needs to get rid of the densest tissue and the tissue that uses up the most energy.

The tissue that falls into that category is none other than your hard earned lean muscle…not fat you’re hoping to lose. You’ll begin burning up your lean muscle mass…the very thing that makes you look fit and firm in the first place.

So, you end up burning muscle and saving your fat. Cardio also offers little help to increase your metabolic rate which allows you to keep burning fat all day long. By training on cardio all the time you basically have to keep doing all that cardio on a daily basis in order to continue to see fat burning results as well as maintaining your results.

In other words…you are basically chained to a treadmill for the rest of your life.

Not a pretty situation.

The real answer to changing your body shape and shifting weight around is weight/strength training. Unfortunately, many women are under the impression that if they weight/strength train they will get big and bulky like a man does. However that is not the case as women simply do not have enough testosterone (the male muscle building hormone) in their bodies to generate that level of lean muscle mass.

With just a fraction of the testosterone that males have, females will never be able to build muscle at the same rate a man would and even when they do build muscle, you’ll be looking at a muscle gain of around 1/2-1 pound per month if you’re doing everything perfectly.

In other words, if you are female, you need not fear getting “big and bulky” overnight.

Another factor is that most women who believe they cannot strength train without looking like a man are also likely also fooled into trying starvation diets. Starvation type diets do not have produce enough calories to support a healthy functioning metabolic rate no less gaining bulky muscle mass.

The sooner you come out of your “excuses” and put the fear of getting “bulky” from building muscle mass behind you, the faster you can get on to seeing the fat loss progress you are after because doing what you think will make you bulky is actually what will make you leaner and more defined….exactly the kind of results you should be after.

Don’t spend hours and hours at the gym doing cardio training…turn your energy into body profits by changing gears and performing exercise that actually challenges your muscles. When you do, you send a signal to your body that it needs to maintain its muscle mass or build new muscle so that it is better equipped to deal with the amount of stress you are placing on it.

You’ll see and enjoy dramatic improvements in your fitness level. You’ll be firming up fast and gaining curves in all the right places. It’s a good thing.

If you’re fed up with fad diets, magic pills and dead promises and you’re ready to listen to and follow directions to what can really help you lose that stubborn weight and reshape your body into something you’ll smile at when you see your reflection in the mirror then “Rebound Free Weight Loss” is your answer. In fact, I created it for people just like you. You can take that weight off you just need the right coaching help.

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