Synchronized Hearts and Thoughts Result in Positive Actions

now_fitnessIt’s funny how we’re all involved in the “game of life,” don’t really know the rules, but still have high expectations for ourselves to succeed.

It’s just human nature. However, when we begin to focus on how the playing field it set up the game becomes much easier.

Everything is easier if we read the directions first…

Understanding pain and pleasure, the two “driving forces of emotion” that are behind all our actions or lack of action on a daily basis, is mandatory if we ever hope to become master of our domain.

Truth is, whatever we associate with pain we try and avoid…even if it is subconscious and whatever we associate with pleasure we seek to do.

For the most part, our brains are wired to move away from pain. Pain is the stronger short term motivator of the two and because of this it makes any pain we feel (whether perceived or real), the strongest factor as to what might throw us off track and derail us.

Moving from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle is a goal that is attempted by many but sustained by view. Why is this? Why do most people who attempt it fail?

Because the desire of the heart was not aligned with the “thoughts” of the mind.

This sets off an internal war between the emotions of pain and pleasure.

Failure expresses outwardly in weight gain etc., but the reason for the failure lies solely on the inside… in the way the mind is associating the activity.

You can’t produce lasting positive healthy lifestyle changes without having a mindset that aligns with it. It’s really that simple.

It’s very honorable to want to take steps and shift gears to adopt a fit lifestyle but if your mind is not aligned with that feeling then you are in for an internal struggle

As human beings, we are prone to self-sabotage from within. That’s the programming that runs automatically until we consciously shift it.

No one can remove this inner program but you.

No matter your resolve to ditch unhealthy habits, if your present beliefs, perceptions and thoughts oppose this desire, you’ll likely end up skipping your workouts and going off track with your healthy lifestyle plan.

You need to reverse your thought processes. You need to associate pain with failure to eat healthy and exercise regularly and pleasure with enjoying healthy whole, non-processed foods) while regularly engaging in challenging strength training exercises.

In other words…you must re-wire the associations in your mind, erasing the “old-programming and adopting new programming.”

This process and motivation get easier and easier as your mind is presented with evidence of the benefits that result from these new associations…this new way of thinking.

A powerful technique that you can employ to reverse your “inner” pain and pleasure associations begins with two questions:

  • What is the cost to me if do not take action to get healthier?
  • What pleasure can I gain and enjoy immediately towards my desire to get healthier by taking action now?

This brings your mind face to face with the act of procrastination (for NOT taking immediate action steps) and the pain that results because of it. It also helps by associating pleasure with taking immediate action steps that will improve your well-being.

Things to consider if you don’t take action towards better health now are:

The cost to your self-confidence and self-esteem…how you are defining and feeling about yourself and your capabilities to perform long term.

What the cost is to your health now and long term.

What it costs in missed opportunities or relationships both now and long term.

Consider also the benefits if you do take action now towards bettering your health:

How you will look and feel like now and long term.

How your self-esteem and self-confidence will soar.

The benefits your health and energy levels receive.

How it improves your relationship with loved, friends and other family members.

What other action steps could be taken to get healthier that result in pleasure and positive benefits to your life now and long term?

When you pause and ask yourself these questions, think of things that create strong emotions within you of pain and pleasure, and take time to visualize your answers.

Doing this simple exercise rewires your mind and gives you the updated programming/software requirement that makes both your pain and your pleasure motivations drivers’ work for you.

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