2 Most Basic, Awesome and Effective Exercises Ever Invented

girl-deadliftWhile there are literally hundreds of strength training exercises to choose from, very few are actually worth doing. The few exercises that are worth doing are the exercises that provide the most bang for your buck.

In other words, the few exercises worth doing are your ticket to fast results. These special exercises could be called the “20%” Club”, they are the number one and two exercises that give you the best shaped legs and firm sexy butt.

Many are already familiar with the phrase “80% of business comes from 20% of your clients or customers.” As a result those 20% of clients or customers is what real smart companies concentrate on keeping happy.

This same type of philosophy can be applied to strength training. Trainees that ignore the 20% exercises that provide the most bang for their buck are the same trainees that never make any meaningful progress. They are neglecting the exercises that provide the greatest benefit and that’s a huge mistake!

They fail to recognize the fact that these 20% of exercises will produce 80% of their gains…in fact, this number is as high as 100% of gains.

The real question you must address is “why work just a few of your muscles when you can work them all at the same time”? What is the number 1 benefits of exercises that work huge groups of muscles at the same time? Fat loss!

If your goal is maximum body weight and fitness, then you need to perform full body, multi-joint, compound exercises.

So, what are two power-house exercises that can work to achieve 80% of our results?

Squats and dead lifts.

Both squats and dead lifts are exercises that are superior to machine, isolation-type movements for firming up your thighs and butt as they allow you to use a good amount of weight while training a number of muscle groups simultaneously.

Squatting is a full lower body exercise that works all the parts of your legs at the same time. You’ll be jumping different machines at the gym to try to accomplish what squats will squatsdo. In fact, by squatting rather than performing leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls and calf raises at the gym, you could be out in half the time and, you will have way better results.

As for the dead lift, it is quite possibly the biggest ‘muscle working exercise’ on the face of this planet. Because it works so many muscles at the same time (pretty much every muscles in your body) it also burns a large amount of energy sending your metabolism sky rocketing after training burning a high number of calories between sessions.

If you need to lose fat, this is the ultimate exercise to embrace as it is perfect for both fat loss and muscle toning programs.

So, why don’t more women take advantage of this knowledge? Because people fear squats and dead lifts like they fear any challenging situation in life. These exercises are hard and take dedication, time and some work to master.

However, it simply does not make any sense to be sitting in a chair at the gym performing leg exercises that remove body weight and gravity. Those are valuable resistance tools and when used properly work to strengthen major muscle groups.

The lower body is made for strong and vigorous movements and needs to be consistently strengthened by standing, moving, squatting and bending…not sitting.

Unfortunately many women are just not aware yet that the leg exercises they are performing are completely ineffective. They do not realize it is the big bang exercises, the squats and dead lifts that really hold the power to achieve results.

You need not worry that these two exercises will build large body builder type leg muscles or a huge muscular butt. It’s actually the opposite. The end result of using dead lifts and squats is very sexy legs that are toned and tight.

Getting on a first name basis with squats and dead lifts and performing them consistently, is the key to getting and keeping the body you want.

Proper exercise is just one of the key elements to keeping weight off once you’ve lost it. If you’re looking for a complete comprehensive program that teaches you what you need to know about your mind and your body in order to win the weight loss war…then “Rebound Free Weight Loss” can help.

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