Understanding Your Body’s Weight Set-Point

set-point2What is “set-point” theory? Set-point theory basically states that each one of us has a set-point body weight that our bodies are going to try and maintain and in fact, will actually fight to maintain.

In fact, it is your set-point that has your Leptin and various different hormones trying to get you to put more body weight back on-or at the very least, stop losing more body weight. Your metabolism likes hanging out at a certain set-point.

Set-points are different for each individual and that’s why it’s dangerous to just refer to any “ideal” weight charts you find in doctors offices. It’s not all about the genes we inherit, eating habits and exercise habits also help to determine your set-point.

However, before you begin your journey down the weight loss/fat loss road, you need to take a serious and honest look at where your body-weight history has been.

You need to reflect back before you ever started dieting to what your body-weight was like.

Assuming there was no real issue with severe overeating, think about your weight as a child and as a teen. Were you overweight as a child? What was your average weight in high school?

Doing this little mind exercise will reveal to you what your set-point is likely to be so that you can be realistic about your goals. Trying to move too far away from your set-point will most likely result in not achieving the results you are looking for, rather you get frustration instead.

By being realistic and honest with yourself about your set-point and willing to accept the fact that you may never be a size 2 is very important the ultimate success of your weight loss goals.

The best way to handle this is not to focus on getting down to a particular body weight but by focusing on working with what you have. In other words, take what you have a shape it up. Add muscular definition and shape to your body.

In fact, if you do the opposite and crash diet in order to lose a bunch of weight quickly you can actually shift your set-point up. Not a good thing.

The key is to stop extreme exercise routines and traditional dieting and find a way to exercise regularly and eat healthy that you can do indefinitely.

Start by implementing nutritional changes…up your dietary protein and increase your fibrous vegetables…except the starchy ones.

Cut out the white sugar and excess alcohol. Sure you can have a glass of wine occasionally when you join your friends for an evening out. But alcohol is not a friend to your diet.

If you are looking to stop the vicious cycle of dieting then you must accept the fact that your body needs and wants to be at a certain weight.

Unfortunately we live in a society that places too much value on being “thin”.

“Thinness” does not equate to “happiness”.

There is no real way to tell what your body’s natural set-point is except by eating normally and exercising regularly.

Adopting a healthy eating plan and employing a regular exercise routine is the best way to allow your body to adjust to the weight it wants to be at.

The good news is, with positive consistent changes in both eating habits and exercise behavior can lower your set-point.

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