Dealing With Dieting Set-backs and Negative Self-Talk

set-backThere isn’t a weight loss program that does not also include set-backs. They come with the territory.

If you are actively dieting or on a weight loss program for any amount of time, you will experience a number of set-backs. However, just because these set-backs come with the territory, it doesn’t mean they have to hinder your progress…unless of course you empower them to do so. 

The real key when you do experience a set-back is to avoid letting that set-back turn into an all-out diet-nightmare and the only way to do that is to get yourself back on track as soon as possible. The other option is to spend days feeling miserable about your progress which could possibly lead to quitting altogether. Your mind is going to entertain one of these two options when you experience your set-back…which I can assure you will happen at some point.

The question is…

Which one are you going to entertain?

Those who are able to effectively “pick themselves up” and get back on track right away are going to experience far greater success in their weight-loss program compared to those who choose the other option of dwelling on the negative aspect of experiencing a set-back.

Let’s look at a few of the reasons that you might experience a set-back:

Falling off the bandwagon: You know what they say if you fall off a horse…you must get right back on if you want to avoid falling victim to fear. The same principle applies to weight-loss. When you “fall off your program” you must get right back on it to avoid falling into fear…into negativity about yourself and your actions. You’re human, it happens.

For example…at work today they threw a big party and before you realized it, you’ve downed a plate of nachos, a few chicken wings and you’re drinking your fourth alcoholic cocktail. When the fun ends, the guilt begins. Now you feel miserable and your negative “self-talk” is telling you that you’ve ruined everything. Or maybe you’ve had a major fight with your spouse or a close friend and rather than talk it out and heal it you turn to Ben and Jerry for comfort.

These are the kinds of set-backs we’re talking about…they happen…however there are two critical steps you must take if you are to move past your “set-back”.

  1. Acceptance: You must accept the fact that what is done is done and you nor anyone else can change that fact. Your acceptance allows you to move forward. This is not the end of the world but if you blow things out of proportion at this stage of the game and pay attention to your negative “self-talk” you will begin to believe that you are a failure as a person and incapable of losing weight. A very dangerous mental state to adopt. Truth is, you cannot change the past but you can shift your future and that’s where you need to turn your energy.
  2. Evaluation: It’s important at this point to evaluate why the set-back occurred in the first place. What was the cause? You must look deeper than it occurred “because I was in a bad mood.” Yes, your mood had something to do with it…but the real reason it happened is because you had no other way of dealing with that bad mood and the solution to avoid this in the future would be to figure out a strategy and put it into place so that when you experience a bad mood again you will know how to handle it and precisely what to do. The more you are able to uncover what really caused that set-back to occur (in most cases, not the actual even itself, but more as to how you are perceiving and reacting to the event) the better you will be able to figure out an effective and workable solution. As important as this second step is there are many people that choose to skip this step. They are the ones that will continue to face the same struggles over and over again (feeling like a hamster on a wheel) because they have not dealt with the core issue. You simply cannot continue to operate in exactly the same way and expect different results.

Unless you take time to figure out the why of your set-back and put into place the changes required to avoid it in the future you can rest assured that it will happen again.

Next time you find yourself dealing with a weight-loss set-back of any kind don’t just take step one…acceptance, but move into step two and dig into the cause.

When you are in complete, optimistic control of your mind and body your transition to a healthier, happier lifestyle has begun.

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