“Black and White Thinking” is Detrimental to Dieting Success

The idea of doing things to perfection or not at all is a mentality that many people adopt while dieting because they believe that it will help them stick to their diet…but in actuality, it works against them and can actually be the catalyst causing them to give up on their diet.

Life is not black and white and neither should your dieting be “black or white”. Black and white thinking is virtually what it sounds like-one extreme to another. You are either 100% on or you are 100% off.

That either makes you perfect or an absolute failure. Not a good thing.

Those that engage in this type of thinking set themselves up for failure because of their belief that they must be perfect so anything shy of this is perceived as complete failure.

This type of belief is discouraging to your psyche and ultimately your diet plan.

Whatever you think you manifest…so, if you experience a “bad” day your thoughts/beliefs are that you have “ruined everything” and may as well quit. Chances are you will follow through with that belief and quit the battle.

The smarter way to approach your diet it to be balanced in your beliefs and thinking…understand that each day presents new challenges and opportunities and that no two days will be alike…therefore trying to adhere to “black and white” thinking puts you on a path of dieting failure before you begin.

Know that you will experience good days, better days and best days while you diet. Learn to pat yourself on the back for the little things that you tackle and overcome on a daily basis, each one moving you a bit closer to your weight and fitness goal.

Learn to focus on the positive you are achieving.

Be realistic…understand from the start that you will experience set-backs. It’s part of the game. But, it is the energy created overcoming these set-backs that gives you the momentum to move forward. You feel empowered each time you overcome.

Each set-back of itself is unlikely to set you up for full blown-failure if you “go with the flow” and don’t focus on failure but see it as an opportunity.

Be Daring!

Allow some of your favorite foods to be part of your diet. Without those favorites tossed in you are likely setting yourself up for binging on food. Deprivation is not the route to take…it only puts you at risk for overeating. Curb the “temptations” with small portions of the “bad” stuff…the stuff you really crave. Allow yourself some treats now and again rather than creating a “resistance” monster by making it something that is totally off limits for good.

If you try and stick to a diet that includes a majority of foods that you don’t like you will eventually dread every meal.

Black and white thinking is the cowards way out…you gave in and ate that last cookie…so, now you should quit altogether because you’ve “screwed up”.

It matters not what you’ve done in the past…only what you are tackling now. It’s never too late to “get back in the game”

Balance is the key to dieting the same way that balance is the key to success at anything in life.

Allow yourself to be human through the experience…know that mistakes are part of the process.

Somewhere between an overly-strict diet plan and gorging on anything you want you’ll find balance. This balance will create both happiness and health in your life and ultimately success.

That’s the key to real dieting success…

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