Mother Earth is Your Greatest Healing Tool

earthing does a body goodIt seems that the earth itself may turn out to be our greatest natural healer. The earth it seems knows exactly what our bodies are in need of most and goes to work to heal that very issue.

Truth is, there are many systems in the body that are affected when we connect with the earth. Walking barefoot on the earth is natural for humans (similar results can also be achieved with leather shoes)…although you won’t get that luscious “feel” of Mother Earth caressing your feet as you walk.

Noted cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, MD. says, “I regard Earthing as the greatest health breakthrough in all my ears in medical practice. Regular grounding (another name for Earthing) restores the body’s natural electrical state, calms the nervous system, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation. No pill on Earth can do what Mother Earth does!”

A recent study conducted in 2012 by Intuitive Physician Dr. Laura Koniver M.D. in which participants were asked to touch the earth for a minimum of 15 minutes daily for 10 weeks straight.

They were followed weekly for changed in mood, weight, pain, sleep, stress levels, energy levels and other important life parameters.

The results after 10 weeks of touching Mother Earth for at least 15 minutes daily as 100% of those participating reported:

Significant increase I their overall activity level

A major reduction of stress levels in their lives

Balancing and normalizing of appetites and a reduction of food cravings

But, that’s not all…75% of those participating also reported:

Increased energy levels

Improved sleep

Improved mood

Reduction in chronic pain issues

But Dr. Koniver further reports that the participants with no pain issues going into the study were the ones who lost weight, while every person who had severe pain issues going in, had their pain severely and significantly improved but did not experience significant weight loss.

Participants with low or no active pain problems going in to the study, experienced a significant change in their weight…with most losing somewhere between 4 to 15 pounds in those short 10 weeks. This occurred with no forced exercise plan or dietary changed. The only changes they made was to touch the earth for the required 15 minutes a day (barefoot) for 10 straight weeks.

Simply amazing but it seems the earth intuitively knows what it is that needs healing and goes right to work on the issue. When not faced with healing health or inflammatory issues, people lost weight doing nothing other than connecting with Mother Earth in their daily lives.

Mother Earth is a neutralizing power that is so wise and dynamic that acute problems are addressed first. If you are experiencing pain issues those will be addressed first, however if you have none of those, this energy/power turns to weight issues…resetting your metabolism, mobilizing fat and stabilizing blood sugars.

The culprit in chronic health issues from cardiovascular disease to cancer is inflammation. But, inflammation can’t match the power of earthing where electrons from the Earth act as natural antioxidants, neutralizing those damaging positively charged inflammatory free radicals.

That pretty amazing and powerful stuff!

Earthing is also proving to be the latest successful approach to achieving permanent weight loss.

What are you waiting for? Go take a barefoot walk through the grass…or the sand or the earth and watch your life shift into healing mode…whatever that is at the moment.

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