Stubborn Belly Fat is More Than Just Unattractive

bellyfat1Stubborn belly fat…it’s not only unattractive, but it is dangerous to your health.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is the average American carries around nearly 30 billion fat cells with abdominal fat the focus because of its relation and striking distance to the heart, liver and other important organs. The extra fat gathered in the abdominal area presses on organs, feeding them dangerous poisons and messing up their daily functions.

A study on the effects of weak abdominal muscles as opposed to those with the strongest abdominal muscles was conducted in Canada on more than 8,000 people in a span of over 13 years revealed that those with the weakest stomach muscles had a death rate at more than twice as those with strong stomach muscles.

Studies don’t lie and the results of this study upholds the idea that flat stomachs are more than just head turners but actually play a role in longevity and vital life.

Continued studies show that those with the largest waist have the most risk of acquiring a life-threatening disease at some point in their lives. According to the National Institutes of Health, men with waistlines larger than 40 inches and women with waistlines larger than 35 inches are putting their bodies at significant risk of heart disease and diabetes. The World Health Organization reports that 1/3 of cancers of the colon, kidney and digestive tract are the result of overweight people and inactive lives with excess belly fat a particular danger.

Fat in your abdomen causes your body to produce hormones which in turn cause your cells to divide. The more your cells divide the more opportunity there is for cell mutations resulting in some form of cancer.

Basically you need to view your midsection as your body’s infrastructure. You want this midsection to be made of steel so that it gives you a foundation of protection…one that belly fat could never provide for you.

The back pain experienced by many people can be directly traced to those with weak muscles in the midsection. When you have weak stomach muscles, your leg and butt muscles have to compensate and this ends up destabilizing the spine and crating back strain and or pain sometimes leading to much more serious back problems.

When you are performing any type of athletic activity, the abdominal muscles help to stabilize your body during your stop and start motions. If your stomach muscles are weak then your joints have to absorb all this force.

In review, there are three types of abdominal fat:

Visceral fat

Subcutaneous fat

Intramuscular fat

All three in excess are dangerous. Excess visceral fat can lead to cardiovascular disease, subcutaneous fat is the second most dangerous behind visceral fat and Intramuscular fat in excess has been linked to a higher risk of diabetes.

Bottom line is, the stronger your abdominal muscles are, the stronger and safer you are overall.  A flat midsection can reveal a lot about someone’s health and fitness…it is the hallmark of those in control of their bodies and ultimately their health. Whether you choose to participate in manual work like yard work, carry your kids or grandkids, or enjoy activities like skiing then strong abs are your answer. They are the most essential muscles for keeping you from any serious injuries. It is full body protection wrapped up in a bundle.

If you are ready to take that excess weight off forever and keep it off then you must get both your mind and your body aligned and in sync…they need to be working together. “Rebound Free Weight Loss” can help you win the weight loss battle once and for all…but only if you take action!

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