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To Anyone Caught In A Seemingly Endless Loop Of Failed Dieting Attempts...

Discover Why Your Mindset and Your Body Must Be HEALTHY FIRST If You Want To LOSE WEIGHT And Keep It Off Forever!

It's time to throw away everything you've ever been told about dieting and exercise and learn what it really takes to win the weight loss battle once and for all.

From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen
Re: Putting An End To Yo-Yo Dieting

carolyn hansen Dear Frustrated Dieter...

For years I've watched women (and a lot of men) make themselves miserable doing something that's supposed to make them happier - and healthier.

If you're overweight or obese, you've probably heard that the path to better health starts with losing weight. What you may not have heard though, is that if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you've got to start by being healthier.


If you think what I just said sounds like the "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" riddle, I apologize. I don't mean to confuse you. All the dieting hype and too-good-to-be-true promises you see and hear on television, in magazines, and on the internet send enough mixed messages and you don't need me adding to your confusion.

But let me ask you this...

If losing weight really was as easy as consuming fewer calories than you burn, why are nearly three-quarters of all Americans overweight or obese?
woman on scales In case you haven't noticed, obesity in America-and around the globe-is a growing problem (literally!).

So what's really causing this epidemic?

Some people point their fingers at junk food and fast food. Others blame a lack of time or energy. And some have given in to the myth that genetics dictate their weight and have simply given up.

However, I have a different opinion.

I believe that most people lack the proper mindset and the right knowledge to lose weight and sustain their weight loss long term.

So - here's what I would like for you to consider...
If you've ever tried the latest fad diet or magic pills and failed.
If you've ever worked out until you were exhausted or injured or both.
If you've ever experienced the dreaded dieting rebound that left you heavier than before you started dieting.
If you've ever severely restricted your daily calories or skipped meals or sipped one too many foul-tasting drinks designed to cleanse your body of impurities that cause excess weight.
Or if you've never even tried to lose weight because you assumed you would fail.
Then there is a very GOOD chance you have been the victim of old-fashioned, misleading, incorrect myths and downright lies.

Yet the so-called diet "experts" continue to promote these myths and lies. Why? Because people desperately want to believe in the promise of a quick fix. They want to be supermodel skinny NOW and believe that if they do crazy amounts of cardio and eat like a rabbit they'll fit into size zero pants and live happily ever after.

Sadly, this fairy tale ending rarely materializes. That's because adding an unhealthy diet onto an unhealthy, unhappy body simply doesn't work. In fact, 95% of the time these fast-acting, calorie-restricting, high intensity approaches to weight loss fail to provide users with ANY meaningful long term weight loss.

What's worse, these "get slim quick" gimmicks could leave you injured, frustrated, burned out, and more out of shape than before you started!

I've seen it happen too many times.
But what if you could slim down for good,
just once?
It doesn't take a genius to realize that slimming down the right way just once makes much more sense than being on a perpetual diet and being perpetually frustrated with less-than-expected results.

Wouldn't YOU like to slim down for good just once, look better AND feel better, too?

woman on scales Of course you would. You just don't know how.

That's not surprising. Most diets are designed with one purpose in mind: To get you to your desired weight as fast as possible.

That's it.

That's what you want, too. That's why you're always willing to give the latest and greatest diet plan a try.

In the beginning, the scale reveals results. You lose some weight. You get very excited. You tell all your friends. Maybe you even buy new clothes to show off your results.

Then, wham! A few weeks later, weight loss halts. Little by little - and sometimes, all at once - the weight you lost finds its way back onto your body... And has no intention of leaving.

This reason this happens is simple.
The people who come up with these diet plans don't try to teach you about the foods (or non-foods) they include in their plans.
They don't stress the importance of combining their diet plans with the "right" type of exercise. In fact, many claim you can achieve weight loss without exercising. (These diets are very popular!)
They convince you that calories are your enemy, and fail to warn you about the dangers of consuming too few calories.
They dangle their "fast weight loss" and "easy weight loss" carrots in front of you, and just like that, you bite.
And that starts the weight loss/weight gain cycle all over again.

But what if there was another way to approach the whole weight loss effort and eliminate the cycling aspect?
Rebound Free Weight Loss
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
This is my groundbreaking new book that puts an end to this vicious cycle once and for all.

This all-in-one source of truthful information is designed to get your mind and your body on the path towards better health. With a healthier mind and body you'll be able to burn fat longer, lose stubborn weight, and keep it off for good!

Rebound Free Weight Loss explains in simple language and simple steps how to:
Re-frame Your Mind
Get Educated
Take Action
And Complete YOUR OWN Transformation
It's like having a life coach, dietician, and personal trainer at your beck-and-call 24-hours-a-day!

When you download Rebound Free Weight Loss, you will find out:
Why low calorie diets are your biggest fat loss nightmare (pg 9).

You think 1,400 calories is good, so 1,000 calories must be better, right? Except it is NOT. A nutritional deficiency is the first of many problems that can develop when you consume too few calories. I'll describe several others you may not even know about.
The consequences of yo-yo dieting (pg 14).

It's easy to understand the concept of yo-yo dieting. You lose weight, and gain it back. Lose weight. Gain weight. Lose weight. Gain weight. With yo-yo dieting, your weight moves down and up, just like a yo-yo. That's bad enough, but I'll show you how it gets worse.
The trouble with toxins (pg 22).

Our world is full of toxins that seep into your body in ways you may not realize, and new research suggests a connection between toxicity levels and excess weight. I'll explain several ways to rid your body of these toxins. (One way clean eating; something that's going to help you lose weight and keep it off for good!)
How to determine the right amount of daily calories you need to consume to safely reach your weight loss goals (pg 32).

I'll explain the three components that determine your optimum caloric intake and teach you how to calculate these components for weight loss and weigh maintenance.
The role fat burning/fat storing hormones and exercise play in helping you achieve weight loss/weight maintenance goals (pg 43).

To lose weight and keep it off, you've got to keep your hormones under control and stick to an exercise routine. I'll help you devise a workout program that improves lean muscle mass and keeps hormones and appetite under control.
How to fix super-easy, protein-packed meals and snacks in minutes (pg 63).

Eating right really does taste good when you prepare the 25+ breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes I've included in this book.
How to deal with setbacks (pg 80).

We're all human, and life will occasionally get in the way of our progress. I'll show you the right way to deal with setbacks so you can get back on track without hindering your weight loss/weight maintenance efforts.
When you finish reading Rebound Free Weight Loss, you will know exactly what you need to do to slim down for good just once and free yourself from a lifetime of dieting.

But that's not all.

Order today and you will also get Out with the Yo-Yo Dieting; In with the Long Term Fat Loss.
Out with the Yo-Yo Dieting
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
This companion book is chock-full of useful advice designed to make sure you never get tangled up in the yo-yo diet trap again. I want you to stop struggling with this discouraging cycle of losing weight and gaining it back; losing weight and gaining it back; down and up, down and up, just like a yo-yo.

Out with the Yo-Yo Dieting; In with the Long Term Fat Loss reveals:
How having the right frame of mind sets the stage for everything else that follows (pg 11). Your mind is a powerful thing and you need it to support you, not hinder you. Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are more common than you realize and both will thwart your efforts to get healthy. You've got to turn all those negatives into positives and I'll show you how.
The shocking truth about why you have trouble reaching your goals - assuming you've even made any (pg 12). There's a lot more to reaching your goals than writing them down. I'll teach you all about the SMART system of goal setting so you can set long term goals and mini goals that are realistic and reachable.
How simple things like friends and photos increase your success (pg 15). Out with the Yo-Yo Dieting; In with the Long Term Fat Loss isn't about dieting, it's about learning how to be healthier. Along this journey, the temptation to fall back into your "old" way of life will be fierce. The more motivation tricks you have up your sleeve, the easier it'll be to resist those temptations.
How to overcome the obstacles in your life (pg 39). When you're trying to lose weight, friends, social events and dining out can all thwart your best efforts if you're not prepared. I'll show you how to assess these and other situations so you're better able to resist temptation and deal with peer pressure.
Which foods suppress hunger, which ones fuel your body, and which ones can reduce your risk of heart disease (pg 29). Not all foods are created equally! In order to feed your body the optimum daily mix of macronutrients, you've got to understand the roles that the three primary ones play. This is a lesson in biochemistry anyone can understand.
How to choose the "right type" of exercise for a fitter, leaner, firmer you (pg 46). Like food, not all exercise is created equally. When you choose the wrong types of exercise, you're just wasting your time. I'll outline three different-duration workout routines that rebuild your metabolism to burn maximum calories while you're exercising and when you're parked on the couch watching TV.
The secret to busting through your weight loss plateaus (pg 44). Plateaus are one of the most frustrating aspects of weight loss and unfortunately, they're inevitable. Believe it or not, cheating is the best way to burst through those frustrating times. But you have to know how to cheat strategically to win this battle with your body.
You Know You Want To Be Healthier - You Just Need To Know How
And now you will. Click the Download link below and you will have instant access to tips on getting in the right frame of mind, fat burning workout plans, healthier eating options and more.
Techniques for getting and staying motivated.
What it means to "eat clean".
Recipes for protein packed, delicious-tasting meals and snacks.
The difference between good carbs and simple carbs.
Lessons on how to calculate BMR, TEF and activity level to pinpoint an appropriate caloric intake.
Information about the reasons why excess cardio burns lean muscle, not fat.
Tips on feeding your body right to avoid energy lows and muscle mass loss.
Reasons why calories matter (they really do!).
The role the right type of exercise plays in weight loss and maintenance.
An explanation about the way stress impacts your results.
A discussion about sleep and why successful weight loss requires an adequate amount.
10-, 20- and 30-minute strength training routines that create curves not bulk.
Information about the supplements that aid weight loss and why they are effective.
An overview of how crash dieting affects hormone balance.
The surprising benefit of journaling.
A way to determine whether you're driven by intrinsic or extrinsic rewards.
Why slow and steady wins the fat loss race nine out of ten times.
The possible link between toxins in our bodies and excess weight.
Tips for handling setbacks so you can stop beating yourself up and get back on track.
And much more.

Rebound Free Weight Loss and Out with the Yo-Yo Dieting; In with the Long Term Fat Loss deliver EVERYTHING you need to improve the health of your mind and your body so you can break free of yo-yo dieting, slim down for good just once, and sustain your weight loss for as long as you want!

To help you get started on your weight loss journey right away, I'm also including my Rebound Free Weight Loss - 20-Day Nutrition Boot Camp - but only if you order now.
20-Day Nutrition Boot Camp
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
Don't worry; the plan isn't as rigorous as the title suggests. The plan emphasizes the importance of consuming nutrient dense foods, and cutting out foods that upset your hormones, sap your energy, and expose your body to toxins.

The Nutrition Boot Camp is divided into two 10-day phases.
Phase 1 is designed to bring your hormones back to a balanced state called homeostasis. Eating too many processed foods can override homeostasis and make you overeat. That's why, to be successful, any weight loss effort must begin with bringing hormone levels into balance. Making the switch to nutrient-dense foods and following the meal plan will help you accomplish this important task.
Phase 2 lets you put into action the information you learned in the previous phase. As with the first phase, this phase includes meal plans for each day. Some recipes are included while other recipes will be found in the Rebound Free Weight Loss book. Phase 2 also adds the exercise component.
The 20-Day Nutrition Boot Camp is a great way to jump start weight loss. Both phases include a 10-day meal plan so you don't have to worry about what you're going to eat. All you do is shop for the food and follow the plan. It doesn't get easier than that.

There's a lot more than a meal and exercise plan in The 20-Day Nutrition Boot Camp. It's loaded with important information about the nutrient dense foods you should be eating to lose weight safely and keep it off for good. You'll also learn why eating whole foods in the right combination is an efficient and effective way to flush toxins from your body.

As I like to say, it's not about eating less, it's about eating better!
The Audio Component
I've got even better news for you...

I have enlisted the services of strategic mind messaging expert, Dr. Patrick Porter to create a series of companion audio sessions that are designed to work in conjunction with every principle I outline in Rebound Free Weight Loss and Out with the Yo-Yo Dieting WITH NO ADDITIONAL EFFORT required!

Just load up your favorite MP3 player, sit back, relax and let these sessions do the work for you!

They are designed to work on your unconscious mind to produce maximum results by managing brainwave activity and developing healthy thought patterns.

Here's what you are about to experience...
Audio #1: Keeping It Off With A Naturally Thin Mindset
Audio #1
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
Imagine your life after you find fun ways of focusing on yourself at your natural and healthy weight. Dr. Patrick Porter will help you discover how, by developing an awareness of who you truly are, it will be easy for you to eat, think, and respond as a naturally thin person. You will keep your focus on health, and your weight will take care of itself.

MP3 format
Format: MP3
Audio #2: Conquering Cravings For Sugar And Unhealthy Fats
Audio #2
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
Use this powerful guided visualization process to help you eliminate those old enemies that kept you trapped in the lose/gain cycle. Whether your cravings are related to stress, hormones, habit, or your own self-talk, relax & allow your other-than-conscious mind to work out success on your terms.

MP3 format
Format: MP3
Audio #3: Making The Connection For Permanent Weight Loss
Audio #3
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
You will use your mind to discover the secrets of naturally thin people and how to implement them in your life for permanent weight loss results. Once you know the truth, the dieting lie that chained you to overweight habits will melt away. With this connection, true health will be yours and negative thoughts about yourself will never again control you.

MP3 format
Format: MP3
Audio #4: Stop Dieting And Start Living
Audio #4
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
Your mind has a natural ability for removing mental obstacles to your weight loss. You will discover why appetite is of the mind and hunger is of the body. Returning to your natural weight is easy when you plan a lifetime of healthy thoughts and actions.

MP3 format
Format: MP3
Audio #5: Turn Up Your Fat Burning Thermostat
Audio #5
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
Use Creative Visualization to rehearse proven steps that will allow your body to convert naturally into a fat burning machine. These simple tips will help to increase your metabolic rate and show you how to keep your weight off.

MP3 format
Format: MP3
Audio #6: Develop Positive Eating Patterns
Audio #6
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
Deep inside, your body knows what it needs to operate at its full, vibrant potential. With this session, you'll mentally journey back to a time when you enjoyed doing the best for your body.

When you bring those skills back with you to the present, you will find yourself more comfortable and confident each day, effortlessly eating the right foods at the right times. Above all, you'll know that appetite is of the mind, but hunger is of the body!

MP3 format
Format: MP3
Audio #7: Exercise Is Energizing
Audio #7
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
Wouldn't you love to have fun exercising? With this process, you will develop the thoughts and skills of a person who naturally loves to exercise. You will use your creative mind to imagine, and then do, physical activities you enjoy.

When you are in complete, optimistic control of your mind and body, you will see excellence in the naturally-thin people around you and develop the same abilities in your own life.

MP3 format
Format: MP3
Audio #8: Staying On Track With Your Transition To Thinness
Audio #8
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
Everyday you are bombarded with over 50,000 messages, each one prompting you to think or act in certain ways - no wonder staying focused can seem impossible! Dr. Porter will help you to get and stay focused on what's most important to you-your transition to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

MP3 format
Format: MP3
Audio #9: Make Exercise An Automatic Part Of Your Life
Audio #9
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.
You will use your creative mind to imagine, and then do, physical activities you enjoy. Studies show that people who learn to enjoy exercise are far more likely to maintain their weight loss.

When exercise is automatic and enjoyable, you will develop the thoughts and skills of a person who naturally loves to exercise therefore you create a more active lifestyle.

v In this session you will find powerful ways to boost your metabolism, which is your key to lasting energy.

MP3 format
Format: MP3
With all this knowledge included inside the Rebound Free Weight Loss package, you WILL learn how to improve the health of your mind and your body so you can FINALLY lose weight and keep it off.
When you have succeeded in putting repeated and failed yo-yo dieting attempts behind you, you will discover that losing excess body weight follows naturally.

But that's not all...
You'll Also Get The Following Bonuses!
21 Days To Healthy Eating
Realizing Your Fat Loss Goals One Meal At A Time

21 Days To Healthy Eating
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.

In 21 Days To Healthy Eating you will find recipes to guide you in the kitchen and in the supermarket. You will learn which foods to embrace, and which to avoid. But more importantly, you will understand the reasons behind the decision to put one food type into your trolley, and leave others on the shelf.

In the war with junk food, you are a combatant, whether you know it or not, as are all the members of your family. It is time for all of us to equip ourselves with the knowledge we need to fight that war. With this bonus, you will be ready to fight those battles, and claim daily victories that stack up not only as extra days that leave you feeling energized and vibrant, but which add to your lifespan.

I want you to experience the same satisfaction and well-being that I enjoy everyday, in large part due to simple decisions I make each time I sit down to eat.

Fitness For You
SIX Fitness Titles Rolled Into ONE Convenient Package

Fitness For You
Note: This product is digital and images are for visualization only.

Confused about how to get into shape in the shortest amount of time? Well, here's SIX fitness titles rolled into ONE convenient package to get you started.

Fitness For You is a 6-volume fitness training package that covers a full spectrum of physical activities, from yoga and exercise for children and older people to cardio and strength training exercise.

So What Is This Going To Cost Me Carolyn?
Truly, the more profound question might be, if you do not pick up a copy of Rebound Free Weight Loss today, "What is the REAL cost of NOT learning how to achieve a healthier life? Of not being able achieve your ideal body weight and finally inhabit the body you have been dreaming of?"

Because you are here, reading this page right at this very moment, I know you are looking for answers. I know that you want the better life that you deserve, and which repeated failed weight loss attempts may be keeping from you.

Because I want you to succeed, I couldn't possibly price it out of reach. And this is why I am offering the valuable information in this package for not even the low price of $97.00, but the amazingly low price of $37.00
That's Right - Only $37!
Order Button
Are You Still Stuck In Gear Or Are You Ready For Lasting Change?
Take another look at what awaits you in the Rebound Free Weight Loss package...
Included in Rebound Free Weight Loss Retail Value
"Rebound Free Weight Loss" Ebook as the primary course material $47.00
Out with the Yo-Yo Dieting; In with the Long Term Fat Loss $37.00
20-Day Nutrition Boot Camp $37.00
Audio CD 1) Keeping It Off With A Naturally Thin Mindset $47.00
Audio CD 2) Conquering Cravings For Sugar And Unhealthy Fats $47.00
Audio CD 3) Making The Connection For Permanent Weight Loss $47.00
Audio CD 4) Stop Dieting And Start Living $47.00
Audio CD 5) Turn Up Your Fat Burning Thermostat $47.00
Audio CD 6) Develop Positive Eating Patterns $47.00
Audio CD 7) Exercise Is Energizing $47.00
Audio CD 8) Staying On Track With Your Transition To Thinness $47.00
Audio CD 9) Make Exercise An Automatic Part Of Your Life $47.00
Bonus: 21 Days To Healthy Eating $37.00
Bonus: Fitness For You $17.00
Total Value $598.00
I could easily charge so much more for this powerful, life changing information...

But I want YOU to get started immediately, in the comfort of your own home and I am confident that you won't find easier-to-read books, a more effective jump start weight loss plan or a more comprehensive audio set anywhere. And you WILL be 100% satisfied with the information you receive or you will get 100% of your money back.
My Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee
Simply download your copy of Rebound Free Weight Loss along with the Out with the Yo-Yo Dieting book and The 20-Day Nutrition Boot Camp right now for just $37.00. Then take a FULL 60 DAYS to read the books from cover to cover, try The 20-Day Nutrition Boot Camp, listen to the audios, and digest all of the information.

Then, if this package isn't everything that I say it is; if it isn't everything that you HOPE it is, just let me know anytime within 60 FULL DAYS and I'll give you your money back.

That's how confident I am that Rebound Free Weight Loss and the accompanying materials are the answer you've been searching for.

Don't wait another minute! Download Rebound Free Weight Loss and the accompanying materials now so you can get educated, take action and complete YOUR transformation.

To Your Improved Health and Sustainable Weight Loss Success,

Author, Nutrition Expert, Fitness Centre Owner, & National Champion Bodybuilder
I'm Going To Remove All The Risk From Your Investment Because I Want You To Succeed!
YES - Carolyn, I'm READY
to transform my life today!

  • I understand I'll be instantly downloading the entire Rebound Free Weight Loss, package and all of the "Bonuses" you've assembled for me for only $97.00, $37.00 today, and today only.

  • On top of that, I understand my investment is backed by your risk free, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.
Just $37
You will get INSTANT ACCESS right now
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*NOTE: These are digital downloads in Adobe PDF and MP3 Format and you will be taken directly to the download page upon successful completion of checkout. Should you experience any problems being returned to the proper page, please simply email:

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I hope that by now you recognise that this package contains everything you need to finally break through the barrier you are having with your weight loss efforts.

So don't hesitate to begin changing your life by grabbing your copy right now and getting started.

To a long and healthy life!

Carolyn Hansen

P.S. Remember that this is YOUR LIFE and your body we are talking about. Is it worth it to keep fighting with your health and weight issues by not investing in this information?

P.P.S. You are protected by my 100% money back guarantee.

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